Last night, Meghan McCain, co-host of the radical, far-left morning show, “The View,” appeared with the Jewish host of “Late Night,” Seth Myers.

After Meyers established that McCain and her family could never forget or forgive the feud between her deceased father, Senator John McCain, and President Trump, he moved on to the subject of Senator Lindsey Graham. After reminding everyone that Graham was her father’s best friend, he attempted to get McCain to condemn Senator Graham’s support of President Trump. To her credit, McCain wouldn’t take the bait, explaining to Meyers that it was “politics,” and she doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards her “Uncle Lindsey.”

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Once Meyers extracted all of the anti-Trump remarks he could out of McCain, he began to condemn McCain for calling U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) out for her anti-Semitic and anti-American remarks on “The View.”

After McCain explained to Meyers her concern over the rise of anti-Semitism in politics in the UK, she boldly told Meyers that she stood by everything she said about Omar, telling him, “I stand by everything I said and if that makes me unpopular with you and in this room, so be it” McCain responded.

McCain asked Meyers,”Were you bothered by her language about 9-11?”  The Late Night host responded, “Um…I think it was taken out of context.” McCain quickly asked Meyers if he would “give President Trump the same leverage if he had said the same thing?” Instead of answering the question, Meyers babbled on about how Donald Trump “is in no position to criticize her language about 9-11,” and how having two Muslim women in Congress for the first time, how they have a different perspective. A very condescending Seth Meyers attempted to tell McCain that she has to listen to other people’s perspective. McCain laughed, and shot back, “I agree, I work on The View, with Joy Behar every day. I listen to other perspectives all day long”

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Meyers cut her off, asking McCain, “Is there a way to talk about differences in Israeli policy without getting framed in anti-Semitic language?”

“Yeah, I just don’t think you should talk about Jews hypnotizing the world, talking about it’s all about the Benjamins,” McCain responded.

A visibly irritated Meyers cut her off, saying, “You do keep bringing up the two tweets that she’s apologized for and I think that’s a little unfair to her, especially because we’ve established.”

A frustrated McCain finally asked Meyers, who refused to let go of his attack on her over her condemnation of the anti-Semitic lawmaker asked, “Are you her publicist? Are you her press person?”

The sniveling Late Night host replied, “No, I’m just someone who cares about the fact that there’s someone out there who is in a minority who has had death threats against her.”

“What would make you happy coming out of my mouth right now, I’m generally curious,” McCain asked

“I’m perfectly happy with everything that’s coming out,” Meyers responded.


Who would’ve thought the show Johnny Carson worked so hard to create would be reduced to a show where a Jewish host would use his position to badger a Christian woman for standing up to an anti-Semitic Muslim?

What do you think? Would Johnny Carson be rolling over in his grave if he could see what’s become of his show?

*Correction: Seth Meyers was mistakenly identified as Seth Rich in the original title. The correction has been made to reflect the name as Seth Meyers.

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