WOW! This story will leave you speechless. Remember when Americans had rights and those rights were defended by law enforcement officials and our judicial system?

An Idaho couple is desperate to evict a squatter who made herself at home in their empty house while they tried to sell it — and she claims she signed a lease.

Brian and Renea Prindle are in a losing legal battle after a judge ruled they couldn’t kick out a woman who they say moved into their Nampa, Idaho house after they moved out and put it on the market.

“We told the cops we don’t know this woman,” Renea Prindle told KIV-TV.

“She’s trespassing,” she added. “We’re not landlords and she’s not our tenant.”

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The Prindles had moved out of the single-story home in 2015 and had finally found a buyer from California when they noticed the woman, Debbra Smith, had moved in in March.

Smith, who has a drug record and has sullied the house with cigarettes and cat urine, told them she had signed a one-year lease and was given keys by a man to whom she paid $1,500 in rent and deposits, ABC News reported.

“Our home is not for rent. Our signatures are not on the lease agreement,” Renea Prindle claims.

“I don’t know if this is a lease she made up. I don’t know if somebody scammed her. But it was clearly not a lease authorized by the homeowners,” the Prindles’ lawyer, Tiffany Hales, told KIVI-TV.

Local police have allowed Smith to continue staying in the home.

Worried that they might risk losing the sale of their home to the potential buyers from California, the Prindles sought an expedited eviction — a recourse available in cases where you can prove drugs are used or sold on the property — after they saw what they believe was a bag of marijuana inside the home.

They lost the case because they weren’t able to get the drugs tested.

“I just didn’t realize the judge would ask for it to be tested,” Renea Prindle said.

“It’s kind of hard to test something when you’re not allowed to take anything from the home.”

The couple has now filed regular eviction paperwork and face mounting legal fees.

Via: NY Daily News

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