The cover up and lack of freedom of speech is shocking to Americans but Germany is doing all it can to suppress the truth about the so-called “refugees”. Germany has taken in over 1 million refugees and will get many more in 2017. The people of Germany have been pretty silent except for those who are waking up. A protest group decided to make a map of the location of refugee centers across Germany. It is below and you can see why Google took it down…it’s like a mass of red dots. Crazy!

With the campaign “No refugee center in my neighborhood” a German protest group wanted to draw attention to the numerous asylum centres being put up in the country, and illustrated it with the help of a digital Google map.

The campaign started already in 2014 and in July last year, it attracted great media attention. In almost all German media online, newspapers and news broadcasts, the campaign with the associated Google map was discussed.

Media, asylum advocates, pro-immigration people, politicians and authorities demonized the map, including the associated campaign, and put Google under massive pressure, where an immediate deletion of the digital map was demanded, which then happened.

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The map shows a Germany-wide overview of existing and planned asylum centers.


It leaves the impression of total alienation to many viewers, but it’s nothing more than a visualization of the sheer numbers the government does not want people to see, according to the group.

“These figures speak for themselves. We affirm the fundamental right to seek asylum, but reject the abuse of asylum categorically”, the group writes.

Via: DW


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