Previous reports about illegal detainees haven’t discussed the topic of food. The detainees must be feeling more entitled to what they want. Complaints of food not following “religious beliefs” are pretty shocking because these people are just lucky they survived crossing. In other words, beggars shouldn’t be choosers…That might sound harsh but we are keeping thousands and thousands of these illegals at taxpayer expense. America is over 20 TRILLION dollars in debt so you have to ask yourself how long we can be the world’s babysitter.


Asylum seekers don’t like prison food?…Welcome to America! A federal prison in Oregon is holding asylum seekers who supposedly escaped terrible circumstances but aren’t kissing the ground and thanking the Lord they made it to America. Nope, they are complaining about the “conditions” of the prison and the “meals that violate their religious beliefs”.

The public defender’s office in Oregon filed in court on behalf of the detainees according to The Associated Press reports.

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America has become a global magnet for illegals. *OBAMA is partly to blame for the explosion in asylum seekers who use the “credible fear” tactic to come here:

National Review reports:

The number of “credible fear” cases skyrocketed during the Obama years. In fiscal 2009, there were 5,523 cases handled by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. The number of cases increased slowly during Obama’s first term; in fiscal 2012, CIS handled 12,056 cases. But in fiscal 2013, the annual total nearly tripled to 33,283, and the year after that jumped to 45,216. By fiscal 2016, it was up to its peak, 81,864.

After complaining that the asylum system had become “overloaded with fake claims,” Sessions last month set new case precedent.

In the past, if you just say you have a credible fear of your home country or family member, you’re allowed to seek asylum in America. If you guessed people are abusing this “credible fear” policy,,,you’re right! People are crossing into our country from EVERYWHERE! That should scare the bejeezus out of all Americans for so many reasons. Terrorism? No, we don’t know who’s coming here!



India, Nepal, Guatemala, Mexico and China, according to the court documents, which allege that Hindu asylum seekers were offered only beef and pork meals and were forced to attempt to subsist off scant vegetable portions.

The prison was given notice at the last minute of the arriving illegals who were sent there due to the overloaded detention centers used by ICE.

The ACLU is involved in helping the illegals.

We’ve reported previously on refugees in Minnesota who demanded that their food pantry be stocked with only Halal food to satisfy their religious dietary beliefs. There was an outcry on social media because the protesters looked like they’d been enjoying some type of nutrition and hadn’t suffered too greatly.




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