Yesterday was a big day for Trump supporters, as grassroots organizers planned peaceful, fun gatherings calling them “March 4 Trump” rallies. These rallies took place in hundreds of cities across America. Over one month ago, it was announced that Berkeley, CA was going to be one of the cities where Trump supporters planned to host a rally in support of our President. Ironically, the NOT peaceful rally (thanks to Democrats who were likely paid by George Soros along with anarchist partners) took place at a park near the UC Berkeley campus named after Martin Luther King Jr., who implored his followers to resist the temptation to use violence in their fight for civil rights.

The mainstream media has completely ignored this story. It doesn’t fit their agenda, as it exposes the Democrat Party for who they’ve become under the leadership of Barack Obama and his new permanent house-guest Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett has reportedly moved in the with Obama’s, to what is being called the “nerve center” to help him organize this type of activity that is being identified as the “#resistance” movement against President Trump.

This picture shows how far the Left has strayed since the days of Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight for civil rights and “free speech”:

True to form, Democrats made it clear that they would not allow the free speech of Trump supporters to take place without a fight.

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As expected, Trump supporters were beaten, heads were cracked, people who tried to run from mobs of cowards chasing them down the streets like a pack of hyenas, were severely beaten when they were finally caught. All of these things happened while what appeared to be an uninterested group of Berkeley law enforcement officers took a mostly hands off approach.

Fires were started by Democrats and anarchists, which is one of the tools they use to threaten others with opposing views as a way to shut down free speech. The image below pretty much says it all. When it comes to tolerance and respect, the Democrat Party seems to have lost its way. They have proven over and over again they have no respect for our most basic right to practice free speech in America.

free speech sign

A Democrat protester and/or one of their anarchist partners burned “Make America Great Again” and “Proud Republican” hats as way to express their hate for free speech and tolerance for anyone who holds an opposing view.


When a woman asked the police to help them put out a fire, here was their disgusting response:

The lack of coverage Has the media has taken the approach that the less they report on the violent behavior of Democrats and the partnership they’ve formed with anarchists the better off it will be for the future of the Democrat party?

A young Trump supporter who is clearly inured is walking away from the rally he attended to support his President. Is this the way we want our young children to think America is supposed to be? This picture is sad for so many reasons, but in an odd way it is hopeful, as it explains why studies are now showing that the next generation of Americans will be the most conservative we have ever seen.


Senior citizens were not exempt from the hateful violence enacted on Trump supporters by anti-Trump leftists. This senior was sprayed in the face with pepper spray by the opposition:

We’re not sure what offends Democrats and anarchist friends so much about the American flag, but it’s gotten to the point where Americans are prepared to be assaulted for carrying a symbol of the greatest nation on earth. This young man can be seen defending the flag in a crowd who is determined to take it away from him:

flag ripped away

Anti-Trump cowards with masks covering their faces are seen here torching American flags:


A Trump supporters is bloodied by Democrats and their anarchist partners.

hate @

A senior citizen is shielded from young violent anti-Trump protesters:

hate 3

A frightened female Trump supporter cries after seeing the violence inflicted upon Trump supporters:

A bloodied Trump supporter is being escorted by police away from the mob scene:
trump supporter injured

America is burning…and the media is intentionally throwing gasoline on the fire every time they ignore these horrific stories of violence and intolerance by the Left. The truth about the rise of the anti-American Democrat Party needs to be seen by every American voter. Shielding the truth about the violence perpetuated against innocent Americans because they support our current President is dishonest and another example of the “fake news” that Trump refers to on a regular basis.

america is burning

Photo credits: Noah Berger, SF Chronicle and Lizzie Johnson Twitter


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