Who knew the gators are so visible at Disney! The TMZ video below is simply unbelievable! The so-called experts agree that the boldness is due to people feeding the gators. STOP FEEDING THE GATORS! 

Turns out Disney World is a haven for gators … which have become so bold they tried to board a raft that is often filled with unsuspecting guests.

TMZ obtained this footage … shot a month ago at Disney World. You see a gator climb aboard the log raft that takes guests to Tom Sawyer Island on the Rivers of America.
Our Disney World sources say gators are a nagging problem that has not been abated. After the gator mounted the raft park employees set out to catch the female gator … we don’t know the outcome.
Disney’s Rivers of America sits less than 2 miles away from the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort where Lane Graves was snatched and killed.
As we previously reported … the resort only had “no swimming” signs, and the boy wasn’t even swimming … he was standing in a foot of water at the time of the attack.

Via: TMZ

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