“I’ve never had anybody point a gun at me before.”

“A man came on the loudspeaker and told us to stop, and to get out and have our photo-ID. And they approached us with guns. 

You just don’t expect it in our lives…We’re Americans.  I mean…I feel like I’ in Africa or something. I mean, I’ve been in Africa at checkpoints before… and it’s scary. You never know if you’re getting through.”


“We’re in Western United States, we’re good people, we’re easy to get along with. We don’t create trouble. This is alarming. This isn’t the attention we want. We’re stewards. We’re good people.”

We posted a video released by the FBI showing the shooting death of  LaVoy Finicum, father of 11, who traveled to Oregon from Arizona to join the ranchers protest of the unfair treatment by the Federal Government’s BLM agency. Finicum was reportedly shot several times by federal agents during a traffic stop on Highway 395 in Harney County.

Lavoy Finicum

His daughter, Challis Finch had this to say about her father: “He’s a great man, and just because he’s dead doesn’t mean his fight will not go on. He’s now a martyr.” 

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