The death of this unborn child was 100% preventable!

Illegal alien Bionel Cervin-Gomez, 48, of Davenport, Florida was previously deported in 2000 but came back to the US and caused the death of an unborn child. This baby is one more victim of our open borders.

He left the scene of the three-vehicle crash on February 9th in Davenport, Florida. Investigators suspect he had been drinking because he was caught on video just two hours before the collision buying beer (video below).

Because of his recklessness, a  22-year-old mother who was eight months pregnant lost her baby due to the trauma from the collision.

Sheriff Grady Judd spoke about Cervin-Gomez:

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“Not only is Mr. Cervin-Gomez here illegally, but he also caused a crash that ultimately took the life of an unborn child. He was operating a vehicle without a license and fled the scene, both violations of the law. In light of his earlier purchase of alcohol, he was also very likely intoxicated at the time of the crash. We have been working hard to locate him and charge him for not stopping to render aid to the victims of the crash he caused.”

This man is another example of why we need a wall at our southern border!

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A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Cervin-Gomez who was previously deported to Mexico in 2000.

This is the young woman who lost her baby because of the crash:


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