On Thursday, RuPaul’s DragCon, a convention for “drag, queer culture,” announced that it will be hosting a drag show for children to perform in. The shoe company Crocs will sponsor this controversial event. The company has taken a lot of heat since the announcement, and #BoycottCrocs is now trending on Twitter.

Popular social media account ‘Libs of TikTok’ sent out a tweet that spread awareness of the event that Crocs is sponsoring, saying, “Crocs is now sponsoring and promoting child drag shows where children perform dressed up in drag.”

The flyer for the show states that “all kids under 18 are welcome.”

While the advertisement for the event shows a child dressed in drag, it is referred to as a “fashion show” rather than a drag show to try and distract from what it really is.

Crocs is a recent partner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, a three-day event in London. They will be releasing a limited edition collection of its Jibbitz shoe charms during the event dates.


Crocs’ VP of Marketing for the EMEA-LATAM and Global Lead Distributor Marketing, Yann Le Bozec, gave a statement praising the event and what it represents: “RuPaul’s DragCon celebrates the power of authentic self-expression, an idea that lives at the heart of our brand, and we stand with those who bravely inspire others to embrace what it means to truly come as you are.”

“We believe that personal expression is an inherent choice and recognizing what makes each one of us unique is part of our commitment to inclusivity everywhere.”

Twitter users had a lot to say about the popular shoe brand’s partnership as #BoycottCrocs began trending on the social media platform.

One Twitter user, Rebecca Clark, wrote, “No more Crocs for this family of 6 who all have at least one pair and most of whom are still growing. Thanks for saving us lots of $!”

Another user posted a video of them pouring gasoline on a Crocs’ shoe, lighting it on fire, and melting it. They wrote, “Time to recycle my crocs.”

Another person that expressed their frustration about this recent partnership said, “#BoycottCrocs needs to get trending an that company needs to learn a HARSH LESSON for supporting the overt suexualization of children!”

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