Independent reporter, Andy Ngo has uncovered a manual that’s being given out at the autonomous zone in Seattle, WA, where far-left activists have taken over a 7 square block of the city, and lawlessness is the only rule.

Andy Ngo went on Fox News to explain the truth about the autonomous zone with Martha MacCallum. Ngo blasted the mainstream media’s false narrative that these are all a bunch of fun-loving, carefree citizens throwing a block party.

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In his latest tweet, Andy Ngo shares photos of the autonomous zone manual that, “provides instruction on how to use human shields, create barricades & make weapons using lightbulbs.” The manual tells participants, “We will take whatever measures are necessary both to destroy this world as quickly as possible & to create the world we want.”

Here are photos of the manual provided by Andy Ngo:

In this image, the manual explains how to handle a confrontation with the police and how to give a rousing speech. The manual explains how to take over and occupy an office building. “Once inside, explain to the employees that it’s an occupation and nicely but firmly ask them to leave.”

Sounds a bit illegal…

On the next page, the manual explains how to build a barricade. The manual also spends a considerable amount of time focusing on how to secure and open a door.

Finally, this page tells the occupants of the autonomous zone how to make a paint bomb.

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