This morning on CNN’s New Day segment, the news network brought together a group of presumably undecided voters to hear about what they have to say about former Vice President Joe Biden as election day approaches quickly. Bobby, the gentleman in the very top right square, stuns the CNN host and causes her to stutter as he shares his concern for Biden’s “flip-flopping” on certain issues. The voter also said he’s of Cuban-Hispanic descent, thus, he recognizes how radically left the Biden-Harris administration is:

Biden since Thursday has made it very difficult for me to even consider him as a candidate…

Communism is not a joke…

The voter rightly noted that he’s concerned with Biden’s constantly changing position on the fracking/oil industry, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.

During his campaign stops last year, Joe Biden spoke about his policy for ending the coal and fracking industries, if elected. During the debates with other Democrats, he emphatically said he would ban coal mining and fracking. He has now flip-flopped like a fish on concrete to say that he would not ban fracking. The excellent video below switches from last year to this year, where Biden is all over the map on what he would do about fracking and coal.

How can any American trust this candidate on any policy he proposes? His campaign is changing their tune on fracking because they see that it’s a loser with voters to ban fracking.

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Watch below:

Biden also spoke about his climate plan last December:

If anyone asks how far Left the Democrats have gone, the video below will answer that question.

During the Democratic debate, Joe Biden was asked if he’s willing to sacrifice 100,000’s Of blue-collar jobs for Green New Deal policies, and he answered “yes.”

Biden is pandering to the climate change goons who have demanded that the government adopt the Green New Deal.

Watch below as he firmly says he’d be willing to put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work:


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