A CSPAN caller commented after the presidential debate that he had been leaning toward Joe Biden but says he will vote for President Trump now. One topic had his head spinning…

The caller sounded shocked at what he heard from Biden about fracking and oil.

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“I went in leaning toward Joe Biden. I’m really leaning toward Donald Trump right now,” says an undecided voter from Maine.

“[Biden] said by 2025 we’re gonna be independent of oil? That’s impossible!”

Here’s Joe Biden on oil:

Joe Biden stepped in it when during his closing argument at the presidential debate he answered yes to whether he would close down the oil industry.

It took a pointed question from President Trump to ask if Biden would shut down the oil industry. The moderator certainly wasn’t going to ask. After Biden answered “yes” to the question, the moderator asked, “Why would you do that?”

Biden confirmed that he wants to transition away from the oil industry because it “pollutes.”

President Trump told Texas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania to listen to what Biden was saying. This means thousands of jobs are lost in those states. Gas will be expensive again…

Eric Trump tweeted out about the cost of gas and how he believes it will skyrocket under a Biden administration:

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