Last September, a shocking video was released showing a Muslim Imam speaking before a group. He told the group to breed with Europeans. Yes, the plan is to breed with Europeans until all of Europe is Muslim. THE VIDEO IS BELOW:

So now we have a second video from Denmark where an Imam is telling how Muslims are conquering Europe and that Muslims won’t integrate into European society. We’ve translated the video in the text below.

These two videos follow with what we know. The invasion of Europe has a purpose and it’s a very dark purpose. Conquering Europe is the end game…Is America next?

On hidden camera an imam explains how Muslims are “conquering” Europe and that Muslims should not integrate into society.

Danish TV2 right now has a program called ‘Mosques behind the veil’ which is focusing on whether a number of mosques discourage or contribute to integration.

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Right now we are in a time when we are opening these countries, says Mohammad Fouad al-Barazi, the head imam of the mosque of the Islamic Union in Denmark, in secret recordings from the third episode of ‘Mosques behind the veil’.

The Imam speaks to TV2’s mole ‘Fatima’, who is seeking guidance about how she as a newly immigrated Muslim should act in Denmark, and Mohammad Fouad al-Barazi explains that Muslims are now consuming Denmark and Europe.

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The link to the video is here but it is not translated: NYHEDER VIDEO

According to experts TV2 has spoken with, the word open in an Islamist meaning is understood as “conquering”.

– Actually, opening sounds “beautiful”, but this is the classic term for conquering a country, explains Professor Tina Magaard, who has studied the Quran and made fieldwork in Muslim communities in Denmark.

According to Tina Magaard, some Islamic movements have the will to conquer Europe and the belief that one can.

It is backed by a professor at the University of Copenhagen, Thomas Hoffmann, who has studied Islam and Islamic movements.

– What al-Barazi says here, means conquest, but need not necessarily be understood as war-like conquest, he said.

On hidden camera, Mohammad Fouad al-Barazi, elaborates what he thinks about Muslims’ entry into Denmark and Europe.

– Now there are Muslim communities throughout Europe. This means that there are a large number of Muslims. A really large number.

The Imam tells ‘Fatma’ that since he came to Denmark, many more Muslims have come to Denmark, and it is important that Muslims are not “merged” with the rest of society.

– When I came to this country 23 years ago, we were only 55,000 Muslims. Now we are 300,000. The number of Muslims is 300,000 now. Hence the conclusion of this talk is that it is possible to live in this country without melting in. You must understand the conditions, without melting into society, says Mohammad Fouad Al-Barazi in the recordings.

Via: nyheder

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