Project Veritas just released an undercover video of CNN’s effort to push negative news on President Trump 24/7.

Specifically, Jeff Zucker’s personal vendetta against Trump over the years has now boiled over…”Hates his guts”

Profits for CNN also motivates the Trump 24/7 negative news on CNN.

The video below is a stunner even though most Americans realize we see fake news every day from CNN:

Cary Poarch, Who Works at CNN’s Washington DC Bureau, Says: “I Decided to Wear a Hidden Camera…to Expose the Bias”

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The wide-ranging expose on CNN employees from the top to bottom who realize they had better bash President Trump or their boss won’t be happy.

Also, the effort by CNN to stir up negative news inflaming the emotions of anti-Trump groups to make money is akin to Jerry Springer-type TV. It’s all for ratings.

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