Elizabeth Warren made a big mistake in opposing the crypto community, and now it is coming back to haunt her.

Attorney John Deaton recently announced his bid to unseat Warren as a Senator of Massachusetts, and his campaign is reportedly off to a great start.

According to Deaton’s campaign, the underdog attorney has raised more money than Elizabeth Warren for the Q1 period.

Deaton reportedly collected $1.36 million in donations compared to Warren’s $1.1 million.

Fox Business crypto reporter Eleanor Terrett revealed: “According to his campaign, Deaton has received donations from prominent figures in the crypto industry such as Ripple executives Brad Garlinghouse, and Chris Larsen, Tyler Winklevoss, and Charles Hoskinson.”

Following the significant development, attorney Deaton wrote: “I’ve beaten the odds as an underdog my entire life and I’m going to do it again. The only difference this time, the world will get to witness it.”

The Boston Globe confirmed:

Since announcing his campaign in mid-February, Deaton has also raised $360,690 from individual contributors, his campaign said, leaving him with nearly $1.2 million cash on hand.

Deaton went on with his comments: “At grocery stores, coffee shops, gas stations, people all over Massachusetts tell me they’re tired of Washington’s political elite looking out for their own careers and special interest groups instead of people who work hard and play by the rules.

They’re tired of Congress’ failure to secure the border. They’re tired of inflation and a dragging economy. They’re ready for change.”

Politico featured this statement from Anthony Scaramucci, a prominent member of the crypto sector, regarding Warren:

“Elizabeth Warren represents all of the worst things about American politicians.

It’s no longer about what’s right or wrong for the country, but what’s hard left.

So we’re going to work our hardest to spend as much money as we can and raise as much money as we can to defeat her.”

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