On January 6, 2021, Joe Biden VP candidate and MI Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer posted a videotaped message on Twitter condemning the “insurrection” at the nation’s Capitol building.

In her address to the nation, a somber Whitmer explained how she was “appalled” over the actions of the people “who are trying to stage a coup” and “wreak violence on the very foundation of our democracy.”

“It’s appalling and abhorrent,” Whitmer said about the actions of the people involved in the January 6th incident. Whitmer called for “people of goodwill on both sides of the aisle” will join her to “work together” and “move forward” and to accept the outcome of the November election.

But in 2012,  Michigan’s very own Insurrection Barbie (then-Democrat Senator Gretchen Whitmer), was singing a much different tune.

Yesterday, Tudor Dixon, a Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, shared a stunning video that reveals a much different Gretchen Whitmer, one who not only condoned angry dissenters staging a coup at the state Capitol but an angry Democrat who bragged about allowing the angry mob to gain entry into the locked-down Capitol by climbing through her office window.

In 2009, a Republican-led majority in the Michigan legislature along with a Republican governor were set to sign a historic Right-to-Work bill into law, giving MI residents the right to decide if they wanted to join a union or not.

Michigan State Police and Lansing Police Department officers keep protesters out of the Romney Building at the Michigan Right to Work protest outside the State Capitol in Lansing on Tuesday morning. (J. Scott Park | Mlive.com)

I attended protests that raged on the lawn of the Capitol for several days. In the center of the Capitol lawn, AFP (Americans for Prosperity), a huge proponent of individual choice, had set up a massive tent that served as a ‘safe space’ for proponents of the bill to gather. Union leaders hovered around the tent and around the steps of the Capitol, a space that AFP reserved in advance of the protests, directing union thugs to tear down banners erected by right-to-work advocates. Union thugs rushed the stairs, knocked over a speaker playing speeches by Ronald Reagan that were broadcast by AFP leader Scott Hagerstrom, who multiple union members later assaulted. A marine distress horn meant to be heard from over a mile away was blasted directly into the ear of Mr. Hagerstrom, who stood firm on the Capitol steps.

On the third day of protests, union thugs cut down the ropes holding the AFP tent in place. Several people were inside the tent when it began to collapse, including a woman in a wheelchair attached to a portable oxygen tank.  When conservative comedian Steven Crowder, who was attending the protest alongside right-to-work advocates, demanded that union workers stopped destroying the tent and warned that people were still inside, he was punched in the face by a union member.

The violent mob of union thugs pushed back on State Police. The Capitol building was locked down as police struggled to control the unruly, threatening crowd outside.

In a 2018 interview, while running for governor, then-MI State Senator Gretchen Whitmer (Insurrection Barbie) bragged about how she “threw open the doors to the Capitol” in 2012, to allow the mob inside after Republican Governor Snyder locked it down. She also bragged about how she “led the resistance.” of the attempted coup “from my office.”

The video shared by Tudor Dixon reveals footage from the attempted coup outside of the MI Capitol building. A massive angry mob can be seen shouting, “Let us in, let us in!” The video shifts to Whitmer, who’s standing on an elevated platform with a microphone in hand as she incites the angry mob, “We’re gonna fight, are you?” she shouts. Meanwhile, threats and violence against proponents of the bill continue outside, while Whitmer’s footsoldiers demean and intimidate law enforcement outside of the Capitol, shouting, “The police are the army of the rich!”

Protestors confront police outside the George Romney Building in Lansing, Mich. Tuesday, December 11, 2012. (Chris Clark | MLive.com)

Once the protesters breach the Capitol building, the collective mob of angry protesters fills and corridors, loudly chanting, “Shut it down! Shut it down!” Whitmer, who has embedded herself with the angry mob inside of the Capitol building where her colleagues are inside working, can be seen giving a shout-out to race-baiter–for-hire Jesse Jackson, as she attempts to inject race into the issue. “This is a social justice issue!” Whitmer shouts while pointing her finger angrily at the sky.

Of course, anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows right-to-work has nothing to do with social justice, but alas, what would a Democrat-led insurrection be without a race card?

Watch the incredible video featuring clips of “Insurrection Barbie” here:


Kudos to Republican candidate for governor Tudor Dixon for revealing the video that shows Insurrection Barbie at work. Tudor’s campaign page can be found HERE.

Reports on the insurrection inside the MI Capitol Building were largely ignored by the media. Local media referred to the takeover of the Capitol Building in Lansing, MI as a “mostly peaceful protest.”

The video of Steven Crowder being punched in the face by the violent union thug can be seen in its entirety HERE.

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