Who could forget dinosaur lawmaker Senator Diane Feinstein’s downright evil behavior last year, as she attempted to destroy the life of Justice Bret Kavanaugh during his US Supreme Court confirmation/witch hunt hearings? Democrat Senator Feinstein (CA), who unashamedly uses baseless claims to destroy her political opponents during public hearings, may have just met her match today when she challenged US Attorney Barr with her assertion that President Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings today, the ranking member of the committee, Diane Feinstein, asked U.S. Attorney General William Barr about Trump lawyer Don McGahn.

Gateway Pundit reported about the embarrassing exchange – In reality, President Trump instructed his counsel to look into Mueller’s conflicts of interest and ultimately Mueller was never fired — a fact that Bill Barr pointed out to Feinstein.

Feinstein continued to push back and argued that Trump trying to prevent further criticism of himself is somehow a crime — Bill Barr put her in her place.

“You have a situation where the President tries to change a lawyer’s account in order to prevent further criticism of himself,” Feinstein said.

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“That’s not a crime,” Barr said leaving Feinstein speechless.



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