While standing in line at a Burger King, one unhinged woman notices that the man behind her is not wearing a mask, and neither are his two young kids. She begins to yell at the man and his children, saying she hopes they die for not wearing masks.

A nearby customer begins to film the interaction, and the woman can be heard saying, “If this was my business, I wouldn’t serve you.”

“Well that’s up to them,” the man calmly replies. “They can tell me to leave if they want.”

“You’re an asshole,” the woman says, as one of the children backs away from the woman, appearing distressed by the interaction.

“I hope your mother gets sick and dies,” she continues. “And your kids too.”

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At this point, the man is still remaining calm, saying, “You hope people die?”

“I hope your kids do because they don’t have masks on,” she responds.

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The man reiterates the woman’s statement in disbelief, saying, “You hope my kids die?”

The insane woman then looks at the little girl and says “Just go,” and the little girl walks out of the restaurant crying.

The person filming the interaction jumps in, saying, “You made the little girl cry.”

“Yeah, they should wear a mask,” responded the woman, placing any sense of human decency aside in order to make herself feel good about wearing a pointless cloth over her face.

“I mean, but you shouldn’t look at a little girl and tell them that you hope they die,” responded the person taking the video.

While the masked woman is arguing with the person recording her, the man with the kids appears to have gotten into an argument with whoever the angry woman came to Burger King with. This other person appears to be sitting down at a table and is not visible in the recording.

Whatever was said off-camera caused the father to get angry and walk out with his poor kids who are both crying now.

At this point, an employee at the fast food chain approaches the angry woman and reprimands her for not thinking about the feelings of the children, telling her “that’s not your place to judge… let him deal with that.”

Burger King employee standing up for the father and his children who were berated for not wearing masks

“Yeah?” the woman yells. “So I can get sick and die? And I can die? And these people can die?”

She continues on her rampage, saying, “I work in a hospital, I see people die every day, it’s bad.”

For some reason, she acts like it’s abnormal for people to die in a hospital. This is not a new phenomenon caused by COVID.

“You wanna see your father dying? It’s not fun,” the woman yells at the employee, again trying to make her argument as personal as possible.

“My mom works in the nursing field too,” he responds.

“I’ll tell (Governor Mike) Dewine that Burger King here does not make you wear a mask, and they’ll shut you down.” the woman threatens, then tells the person she’s with that they need to leave.

Comedian, journalist, and author Tim Young retweeted the video of the shocking altercation, saying,

“She seems like someone who really cares about her health… at a fast food place nonetheless”


Many comments on this video echo Young’s observation, suggesting that she should care less about the choices others are making, and be more focused on making healthier choices than eating at a fast food restaurant.

One Twitter user said,

“If she keeps eating at Burger King then why on earth is she so worried about her health being compromised?”

Others simply felt sorry for her that she is so blinded by COVID theater that she has become such a bitter and angry person, wearing her mask as some sort of badge of honor.

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