Why stop there? Using liberal logic, shouldn’t the 3 year old girl who was raped at a refugee center apologize as well? What about the 10 year old boy who was repeatedly raped while cops in Sweden ran away?  What about the 72 year old woman who was anally raped by a rapefugee in Germany? What about the mass number of women and young girls who were raped and sexually assaulted on New Years Eve in Germany? Are these rapists owed an apology from their victims as well? Progressives are showing their true colors and the world is getting a glimpse into the results of a “religion” that has been allowed to dictate laws and socially acceptable behavior for decades…

A 24-year-old spokeswoman for the “Linksjugend Solid” (Left-wing Youth Solid) was raped by three refugees on January 27, 2016.

Here is the original report of the crime published by the police:

In the evening of 27 January, a 24-year-old woman filed a complaint with the police. She said that on Tuesday night she was the victim of a sexual crime in a car park in the Oststadt district. The detailed circumstances of the crime require further investigation that will be carried out by the Mannheim Criminal Police Section of the Heidelberg Criminal Police Management.

The rape victim recently posted this on her Facebook page:

Dear male refugees,  

I am so sorry! 

Almost a year ago I saw the hell from which you have fled. I was not directly in the heart of it, but I visited the people in the refugee camp in southern Kurdistan. I saw old grandmothers who had to take care of too many children without parents. I saw the eyes of these children. Some had not lost their light. But I also saw children whose gaze was empty and traumatising. I showed Arabic characters to around 20 Yazidi children in their maths class and still remember how a small girl started crying only because a chair fell.

I have had a taste of the hell from which you fled. I didn’t see what happened there and didn’t experience the challenging journey you had to make.

I am glad and happy that you managed to get here. That you were able to leave IS and its war behind and did not drown in the Mediterranean.

But I am afraid you are not safe here.

Burning asylum homes, daily attacks on refugees and a brown [tn: used in German as a synonym for Nazi] mob running through the streets. I have always fought against the fact that that’s how it is here.

I wanted an open, friendly Europe. One in which I’d be happy to live and where we would both be safe. Sorry.
I am so unbelievably sorry for both of us.

You, you are not safe, because we live in a racist society. I, I am not safe because we live in a sexist society.

But what I am most sorry about is that the circumstances of the sexist and excessive actions that were done to me will only contribute to the increasing and ever more aggressive racism to which you are exposed.

I promise you I will scream. I will not allow it to go on happening. I will not look on and do nothing and let it happen when racists and concerned citizens say you are the problem.
You are not the problem. You are actually not any problem. You are mostly wonderful people, who have earned the right as much as anyone else to be safe and free. That you for being who you are – and it’s great that you are here.

After a hostile reaction, the Facebook post was apparently deleted. A screenshot of the post however was captured, and can be seen below. Her name on the post appears as Selin G. which sounds non-German, so she is probably of Turkish (perhaps Kurdish origin).

FB post rapefugee apology

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