During a rally for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, a protestor seized the mic saying, this “is not democracy…it’s a plutocracy!” A plutocracy is society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth.

Chattanooga, Tennessee was the scene where the protester decided to take over the mic and rant…One problem, the mic was turned off. She just kept on talking.

Just a guess: This woman is a socialist Bernie supporter who is angry that Bloomberg is buying his way into the presidential race.

After the woman was cleared out, Bloomberg spoke and said that “Trump is afraid of me.” That’s interesting because President Trump was asked today and named Bernie Sanders as the candidate who has the best chance to run against him because of his followers. Democrats don’t agree. They just changed the rules to allow Bloomberg to get into the presidential debates. Bernie supporters are hopping mad because they feel that their candidate is being pushed aside for Bloomberg…The truth is that he is.

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Bloomberg’s Speech:

Note that Bloomberg said he had hundreds in attendance…LOL!


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