Democrat-encouraged radical left protestors continue to amp up their protests outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home

Protestors outside Justice Kavanaugh’s Maryland home have continued to spout radical left harassment and incite violence towards Justice Kavanaugh, his family, and even his neighbors.

Encouraged by the official positions of prominent Democrats such as Merrick Garland, Karine Jean-Pierre, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, these protestors have continued to illegally harass and threaten the Supreme Court’s conservative Justices. However, they have a special fixation on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whom the Democrats and media have relentlessly smeared and attacked.

Protestors outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home

Justice Kavanaugh’s Maryland home has been the center of protests by radical leftists since the initial leak of the Roe v Wade decision. Since the decision went into effect in an official ruling, the protestors have become more vulgar and aggressive.

Having nothing better to do than protest day in and day out, presumably due to being unemployed, they continue to gather and verbally accost Kavanaugh’s entire neighborhood.

Chanting “f— you” and “f— your children” through megaphones and banging on drums, their vulgarity knows no limits.

“They just call us fascists,” one neighbor said. “Nothing about this is healthy. We’ve got kids on this street scared to leave their homes.”

The vast majority of Kavanaugh’s neighborhood, even those who identify as pro-choice, believe that the radical left protestors have gotten out of hand.

Encouraged by the Democrat establishment to harass and threaten the Justices, their children, and their neighborhoods at large, this behavior is neither new nor surprising.

Democrats have been encouraging civil unrest since the Obama era, when Obama encouraged early iterations of Black Lives Matter and rioting over the killings of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Civil unrest, mind you, is only promoted by Democrats when it is Democrat voters engaging in it.

When conservative patriots protest, they are called insurrectionists.

But the blatantly illegal intimidation of Justices is (D)ifferent.

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