An armed man shouting rhetoric against President Donald Trump fired a handgun inside the Trump National Doral golf resort, in what authorities described as a type of ambush attack before he was arrested.

Before the shooting began, Oddi removed an American flag from a pole at the rear of the complex, brought it into the hotel lobby and draped it over a counter, Perez said.

Oddi then began to yell out “anti-Trump” rhetoric.

What Oddi said was not yet known. He also set off a fire alarm “in efforts to cause further confusion,” police said.

“As he did that, he waited for our police officers,” Perez said. “He did begin to shoot inside the lobby, which prompted calls and curiosity from some of the people in the lobby. They were met with an individual with a handgun, who pointed it at them and proceeded to fire it into the roof and chandeliers of the hotel.

“He waited for our police officers in the front lobby to engage them,” Perez said.

The officers exchanged gunfire with Oddi. “Our officers came up, engaged in practiced protocol and training, immediately went in and neutralized him.”

The incident was recorded on video that Perez said would not be released right away.

Television news recorded the conscious suspect, handcuffed and barefoot on a gurney as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue wheeled him into Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami.

Oddi received multiple wounds to his legs from the gunfire, Perez said. –Sun Sentinel

The golf club in Miami-Dade County is owned by Trump’s privately held company; the president wasn’t there during the 1:30 a.m. incident.

Arrested was Jonathan Oddi, 42, a Doral resident who was hospitalized and was in good condition Friday afternoon. The only other reported injury was to a Doral police officer who may have broken his wrist.

Jonathan Oddi, the man accused of firing shots inside Trump National Doral Miami resort, is a 42-year-old dancer and fitness instructor who lives about a five-minute drive from the resort, according to authorities and one of his friends.

Oddi says on social media he’s a fitness instructor, investor in real estate and manages a business dealing in minerals and gemstones. Court records show no felony arrests but a slew of misdemeanor traffic infractions for the man suspected of firing shots at the Trump resort.

Oddi was born in South Africa but grew up in Argentina with his family, where some relatives still live, according to his longtime friend, Luis David Gonzalez.

According to the Miami Herald, Oddi, who was born in South Africa, recently became an American citizen.

Instagram post of Oddi showing off his US citizenship.

On social media, Oddi lists himself as a fitness instructor, real-estate investor and manager at Pegasus, a business dealing in minerals and gemstones. He also had a very Miami side job — about five years ago, he was a regular stripper for Dancing Bear, a South Florida website that produced videos of raucous staged parties involving women performing sex acts on male dancers.

“He was pretty laid back,” said one former dancer who performed alongside him. “He was a pretty decent guy. No real signs of anger management.”

Oddi lived a few miles away at a rental complex, 8100 NW 53rd St. He was born in South Africa and is of Italian heritage.

Oddi used to be married to a South Florida lawyer, but the couple divorced amicably in 2014. He had a girlfriend who was out of the country during the attack, sources told the Miami Herald.

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