The new GOP video opens with Kathy Griffin holding the fake decapitated head of President Trump with blood dripping from it. The video then goes on to show clips of the truly unhinged behavior from the left. It’s a great start but we didn’t see anything on the shooting of Steve Scalise or other bad acts by the left. We have so much material that maybe they’ll make another video like this one.

During the 2016 campaign we saw so much violence towards Trump supporters and reported on it even though the main stream media didn’t. We saw Trump supporters being chased and beaten and even eggs thrown at one woman.

The protests at the inauguration were over the top with vandalism and violence from Antifa thugs. A limo was torched for absolutely no reason.

Once we settled into the Trump presidency, it’s been key Democrats who have called for trouble. Democrat leaders Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are featured in the video above. DNC Chair Tom Perez is the voice of the DNC and has delivered hateful speeches straight out of his radical past: “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people.” – DNC Chair Tom Perez

How did we get here? Well, all you need to remember is the past administration’s words including the outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch:

Obama’s former AG Loretta Lynch released a video that’s a call to action for Democrats. These people who have been stripped of power after being so close to achieving their goals of fundamentally transforming America into something most Americans wouldn’t recognize, are serious about starting a civil war in our nation. If you don’t believe me, listen to the words of Obama’s former AG, who compares the fight against President Trump and his supporters to that of the Civil War: I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people. I know it’s a time of concern for people, who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back.  I know that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy. We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers. (Lynch’s statement about the Founding Fathers is quite ironic, considering that she worked hand-in-hand with former President Barack Obama to destroy the very fabric of our Constitution.) It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals who have made the difference. They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”

LORETTA LYNCH’S PARTING SHOT: “Waves of hatred, intolerance and injustice still blowing in this country” [Video]


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