Unhinged Wisconsin teachers planted several fake tombstones to protest the reopening of schools today.

The teachers’ unions are falling into the deceitful lies of the liberal media…believing kids will die from the Chinese coronavirus if they attend school. On Monday, the “National Day of Resistance” brought teachers from across the state of Wisconsin and the United States to protest the re-opening of schools in just a few short weeks. It’s no surprise that teachers unions want more money and they want the government to shut down their competition.

It seems these teachers haven’t done their due diligence in researching COVID deaths…as there have been zero deaths in the entire state of Wisconsin for anyone under age 19. Additional evidence shows that over 71% of COVID-related deaths are from ages 60 or older.

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So what exactly do these liberal teachers want? This Wisconsin teachers union joined roughly 10 other unions, as well as the Democratic Socialists of America, demanding a ban on new charter schools, a ban on private school choice, a ban on standardized tests, police free schools, and more federal funding.

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This heinous act comes just days after D.C. public school teachers lined up “body bags” outside school systems offices to protest plans that would send them back to classrooms this fall.

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