Nadler is, according to Dan Bongino, a very “unimpressive” person. In fact, even leftists are calling the statement Nadler read today regarding the Mueller statement unimpressive. Why do Democrats have such lame representatives like Nadler and Pelosi? It’s the power structure and has nothing to do with who would be best at the job. Nadler is a disaster.

He claims that the Special Counsel found that President Trump was lying…NOT TRUE!

Nadler goes on to say that Mueller won’t testify and all Democrats know why…Mueller is culpable in all of this!

Mueller isn’t going to testify because he knew from day one that there was never anything to find against President Trump. The fake dossier is the only thing they had…Nothing!

“Trump is lying about the special counsel’s findings, lying about the testimony of key witnesses in the special counsel’s report, and above all, lying and saying that the special counsel found no obstruction and no collusion”

Mueller is in cahoots with Democrats to discredit anything Barr says going forward.

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