United Airlines to allow guests who were previously kicked off for not wearing a mask to once again fly the skies, while CEO Scott Kirby also predicts that mask mandates will not return

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby reveals his doubts that mask mandates will return to airlines after being struck down by a district judge in Florida on Monday.

United CEO Scott Kirby

From The Daily Mail:

“I think it’s very unlikely that a mask mandate is going to come back anytime in the foreseeable future,” Kirby told the Today Show on Thursday. “We’re getting back to living life as normal.”

While the CDC and Biden Administration certainly don’t seem to want a return to normalcy, and will likely challenge the judge’s decision, Kirby is right that people are moving towards living a normal life again.

Still, his prediction may not come true as the White House gears up to challenge the judge’s ruling.

Additionally, while around 1,000 customers were kicked off flights and banned for refusal to comply with the draconian mask laws, those banned simply for not wearing a mask will be allowed to return to the skies.

The CEO noted that while some customers have been banned for life for bad behavior during the pandemic, those who were kicked-off flights for simply refusing to wear a mask will be allowed back.

“We have talked to them individually, and many of them have assured us that now that the mask mandate is up, everything is going to be fine, and I trust that the vast majority of them will be,” Kirby told Today.

Delta Airlines, which banned around 2,000 customers, is also intending to allow customers banned for mask violations to return.

With a judge ruling airline mask mandates illegal, and airlines seemingly fully onboard with said ruling, one hopes that the White House’s mask-crusade will be an uphill battle.


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