So much for putting a stop to the poisonous debate in Washington. The effort to try and mend fences came to a screeching halt when during President Trump’s “Unity Speech” to the baseball crowd congressional staffers jeered and booed. The staffers even exhibited “vulgar gesticulations” at President Trump.The message of unity was lost on these clowns:

Washington Times reported:

Mr. Trump delivered a message of unity, but some fans in the stands weren’t having any of it.
One man shouted an expletive at the video screen as Mr. Trump was telling the fans: “We are showing the world we will not be intimidated by threats.”
The episode marred what had been a night celebrating those wounded in Wednesday’s murderous attack on GOP players practicing for the game.
When both teams went to second base — the symbolic spot where Rep. Steve Scalise was wounded in the attack at the Alexandria practice field — to kneel and pray, some mocked the prayer, too. The fans appeared to be Democratic staffers, having booed the announcement of several members of the GOP lineup.

Most fans were in the correct mood, however, chanting U-S-A and giving a loud standing ovation to Capitol Police Special Agent David Bailey (pictured below), who along with two other special agents at the field Wednesday were credited with saving the lives of dozens of lawmakers and staffers.
Agent Bailey threw out the first pitch.

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In the wake of the attack Wednesday, leaders in both parties have pleaded for civility in the political conversation.

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