Yesterday, after the New Zealand Christchurch mosque massacre, celebrity Kim Kardashian called on America to take away its citizen’s guns. Kardashian, in all her brilliance, suggested that elected officials are putting the safety of our nation behind profits by gun manufacturers.

Earlier this evening, the University of Michigan sent out an “active shooter” warning to the students and faculty on the campus.

Live Breaking News reported that the University of Michigan campus is on lockdown.

The Detroit Free Press, the same publication that smeared the Covington Catholic kids, while making the fake Vietnam veteran and MI resident, Nathan Phillips look like a victim, warned students about a CONFIRMED “active shooter” at Mason Hall on the U of M campus, saying they got their information from the Division of Public Safety and Security.


The “active shooter” on the U of M campus at Mason Hall, ended up being balloons that were being popped by girls, as they laughed and screamed.

Twitter user Mikayla Elmatari asked Kim Kardashian if she saw what was happening on the campus of U of M?

Student “dylan landau” tweeted about the “active shooter” situation and told President Trump to do something about it.

I’m in the middle of an active shooter drill at the University of Michigan, and I’m thinking it’s about time you do something about this gun problem

This Twitter user reposnded to a tweet by President Trump about the Paris Environmental Accord, by telling him there are “4 active shooters in mason hall at the university of Michigan. Pass a gun control law. You’re kids aren’t in danger so you’re not concerned but other’s people children’s life are at stake

It would be great to know where he got his information from?

This Twitter user asks: “How many times are we going to allow are fellow citizens to suffer like this?”

Melissa Jacobs criticizes President Trump for not striking fear into the hearts of every student and parent over balloons popping. Melissa doesn’t think our president should be concerned about the danger posed to our nation by Google and China.

This Twitter user asks a very good question, “Why not just have students armed?” Shooter comes in. He is outgunned.”

This is what happens when an unconfirmed shooter, is being called a “confirmed shooter” by the media and when the left doesn’t even wait to find out if there is a shooter before they start blaming President Trump.

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