Anyone who has traveled recently knows that small children are still masked up. When does this madness end?

The CDC is still pushing mask-wearing for kids even though the benefit isn’t there (see video below). Dr. Fauci is also pushing for even younger children to get vaccinated even though the chance of a child getting seriously ill from covid is minimal.

Most importantly, the CDC’s own study shows wearing a mask has taken a huge toll on kids:

Data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that visits to emergency departments for suspected suicide attempts by adolescent girls are up over 50% in the past year and a half, compared to 2019. A study by the CDC also found that the proportion of emergency department visits related to mental health were up 24% for children ages 5 to 11 and 31% for adolescents ages 12 to 17 between last April and October, compared to the same period in 2019.

Now, parents have even more reason to take that mask off of their child! A recent study at a lab at the University of Florida analyzed a small sample of face masks and detected 11 dangerous pathogens that included bacterias that cause diphtheria, pneumonia, and meningitis.

Of course, the University of Florida backtracked to say they believe the CDC’s studies that wearing a mask is best even though there are many conflicting theories. Interestingly, the statement talks about the importance of the “chain of custody,” so isn’t it also important to know the chain of custody for ballots in an election?

“The University of Florida Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center routinely conducts lab tests for members of the public as requested, as it did for Ms. Donoho. However, it is important to note that we had no way of establishing the chain of custody for these masks and to what conditions they were exposed prior to the lab test. To draw any conclusions is premature, and a more controlled, peer-reviewed research is warranted. It is also important to note that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies indicate wearing a mask is among the most effective measures for preventing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19.”

This all started when Amanda Donoho and other parents in Gainesville, who are concerned about the potential harm of prolonged mask-wearing, sent six face masks to a lab at the University of Florida for analysis and the resulting report found that five of them were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria, according to


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