Numerous studies exist showing that masks and social distancing are not effective ways to prevent spreading a virus, whether indoors or out.  In fact, MIT concluded that people skeptical of the unscientific Wuhan Virus mandates and protocols are actually much more scientifically-minded and literate that most people who follow the establishment’s view of things.

Despite all of this, University of Massachusetts Amhurst has suspended three female students who were not wearing masks in a photo.  They lost their tuition and credits for the semester.  Yet, the photos leaked to university officials of the females were not even taken on campus and the students were outside.

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Meanwhile, the University of Amherst hockey team was seen celebrating wildly in a video (photo below) without masks after a major victory without any repercussions.

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What is going on here?  Does this this unequal tyranny arise because hockey is a sport that brings in big money or is there something more going on here?

The College Fix Reports:

“One of the girls’ parents said school officials were tipped off to the maskless trio after someone sent them this photo:

“In February, UMass Amherst put in place a “zero tolerance” COVID policy, Newsweek reports. It “completely banned” outdoor exercise and “implemented strict stay-at-home orders.” Signs around campus and the surrounding town read “You are in a mask required zone per the Amherst Board of Health.”

Yes, you read that correctly: a University “completely banned outdoor exercise” and forced everyone indoors and expects people to believe that this will actually help maintain their health.  This defies all science and logic since diet and exercise and and getting outdoors to do them are considered perhaps the most important thing an average person can do to remain healthy and maintain a strong immune system.

University officials said students have been “warned repeatedly to ‘self-sequester’ and of the harsh consequences should they be seen inside or outside without facial coverings.”

Massachusetts state guidelines still require face masks at “indoor public places and at events, whether held indoors or outdoors and whether held in a public space or private home, except for when eating or drinking.” The latter part contradicts the federal Centers for Disease Control’s recent relaxation of outdoor face mask requirements.

The girls’ parents say university officials “are enforcing such mask violation suspensions in an unfair manner.” They note nothing was done to the school’s hockey team after it “engag[ed] in raucous celebrations wearing no masks” following its national championship victory…”

“I just want the university administration to be equitable and fair,” one parent said. Another added “One little thing happens and you’re out? Like not even like a don’t do it again, here’s some probation[?]””

So, the father isn’t angry or upset that his daughter was suspended from school after having done nothing wrong at all.  Instead, he is angry that other students weren’t also tyrannically suspended for similar acts of normal every day existance?  Does he have his head on straight?  What kind of a parent says such a thing?

Perhaps it is just a legal tactic.

“WBZ reports the girls’ families have hired a lawyer and plan on suing.”

Let us hope that they win and that it forces the hand of the school to push back against their unhealthy and unscientific and unlawful Wuhan Virus mandates.


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