Polls lie…the number of supporters who show up to hear a candidate speak when they visit swing states, tells Americans everything they need to know about who is truly more popular with voters…

Hillary refused to call for calm in a city that was torn apart over a black man who was shot and killed by police officers. She was gunning for the black vote. Well, it turned out the black man who was shot dead was also armed, and it also turns out that rioting, attacking innocent people, and demeaning our law enforcement officers isn’t very popular with most Americans either.

Here’s a shot Hillary’s pathetic audience in Charlotte, NC. If she was right about backing the Black Lives Matter rioters, shouldn’t she have had a better turnout here in the epicenter of the riots?


Hillary didn’t do much better today at her rally in Toledo, OH:

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It looks like that darn pneumonia just won’t go away:

How many Presidential candidates need a stretcher at the ready backstage during their rallies?

DEPLORABLE UPDATE: Thousands of gays, Latinos, women, youths and men line up 5-6 hours early to attend Trump rally in Loveland, CO:


h/t Gateway Pundit

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