As Crime Surges with Zero Repercussions, a NYC Man Attempts Vicious Assault

Crime is up and punishment is down. A Harlem resident attempts to take advantage of NYC’s soft-on-crime stance to carry out a bloodcurdling attack. The 43-year-old woman was approached from behind on Friday evening on West 123rd street in Harlem, where a violent thug was caught on camera placing blue latex gloves on his hands before proceeding to knock the unsuspecting woman to the ground.

The Harlem assailant, putting on latex gloves before the attack

Daily Mail: After apprehending his victim, the creep repeatedly kicked the woman, at one point curb stomping her, before undressing and attempting to rape her.

Police said the man fled the scene before completing the rape. His horrific attack left the victim with numerous injuries including severe head trauma. Paramedics took her to an area hospital where remains in critical condition.

This repugnant assault comes from an unknown assailant who remains at large. While violent crime has surged from the start of the 2020 BLM riots, through the Biden presidency, it’s certainly no mystery why. A policy of weakness when it comes to punishing criminals, not standing up for police officers, and focusing all efforts on wrongfully imprisoning January 6th patriots, has led to this.

The crime wave comes during Mayor Eric Adams’ first few months in office. The former NYPD cop has vowed to crack down on the influx of incidents on the city’s streets and subway system – which has seen a rash of violent incidents in recent weeks. Former Mayor Bill De Blasio’s policies contributed to the current crime wave, experts said.

The New York subway has been ground zero for the latent crime wave after an alarming 73.3 percent increase in underground incidents – including 182 in February alone.

Joe Biden and his liberal ilk have rallied behind the message “defund the police” since campaigning for the 2020 election began, and now normal, good people are suffering the consequences. The 43 year old victim of this crime may not have even been assaulted had NYC democrat elites and the Biden administration not been elected to give free reign to violent criminals.

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The woman is currently still in critical condition, with no updates given, and the official police report indicates that they are investigating the crime as an attempted murder. Hopefully, she will make a full recovery and her assailant will be brought to justice.

You can watch the chilling video footage of the man preparing for his assault here:

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