Allentown, PA – Four police officers were injured trying to break up a brawl but one female officer was caught on tape being thrown to the ground and assaulted. The horrible thing is that she was assaulted while 200 watched. Can you believe that 200 kids just stood around and watched this female officer being punched and thrown to the ground? And people wonder why the police officer involved in the most recent school issue with a female teen was as aggressive as he was? The kids have ZERO respect for authority so they fight with police. What are the police to do? Perhaps they should just let these kids beat each other up next time.
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Four Allentown police officers are recovering after being injured in a school fight on Thursday. Police said it happened while police were responding to a student brawl outside of Allen High School. According to police, two officers suffered moderate injuries, two others had minor injuries. Officers originally responded to a high school fight near 15th and Linden streets, two blocks from the school, after school let out around 3 p.m. Police said the large group, of approximately 200 kids, then started to disperse. A few blocks east of there, a fight broke out involving officers. And at least part of that brawl was caught on camera.
In the 30-second video posted to Facebook, you can hear screaming as a group of students walk toward a scuffle with two police officers. As the photographer gets closer, you can see a female officer on the ground. Another male officer appears to try to get control of a female who breaks free and runs off. She runs around an Allentown police cruiser parked near 12th and Chew streets when the female officer catches up to her. The video gets shaky, but moments later, that same female officer is down on the street again. The woman in a grey shirt and khaki pants appears to throw punches at the officer. A swarm of students crowds around and you can hear more screaming. The video ends moments later as the photographer appears to walk away.
Several of the kids were taken into custody.

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