Did you know that over 30,000 Cubans have come to America this year? They become American citizens once they reach land. The policy of wet foot/dry foot needs to be changed NOW! They are coming to America as economic migrants and not true refugees. The stories sound nice and make people feel good for helping but AMERICA IS BROKE! We will now be paying for these people and for the birth of the pregnant woman’s baby. We cannot take more people to give freebies to! We are a global magnet for immigrants because we give such great freebies the minute they arrive. The happy story below might make you feel great but the reality is that thousands upon thousands more are coming and there’s just so much room for freeloaders until America is Greece. 

A group of Cuban rafters made it to shore in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea on Monday night.

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In a sailboat made out of sheet metal with the name “Barack Obama” painted on the side, four men and two women told bystanders they spent nine days at sea.

The boat came ashore just south of East Commercial Boulevard.

Petty Officer Eric Woodall said the Coast Guard received an initial call of an arriving boat about 7:30 p.m. and ordered the launch of a a 45-foot boat from Coast Guard station in Fort Lauderdale, and a helicopter from the Miami station.

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But minutes later the Coast Guard got word that the makeshift vessel carrying six Cuban had landed, Woodall said. “When we got word they landed we stood down,” he said.


The Coast Guard boat did not get far from the dock, and the helicopter never took off. There was no pursuit, Woodall said.

Omar Beceiro, a command duty officer in Miami, said, ”The Coast Guard would not trail a migrant raft if we had the opportunity to stop it.”

Cathy Crawley, who is visiting from Texas for the week, saw the spectacle while sitting at the beach.

“We thought somebody was wind surfing, then we saw several people in there. They were paddling like crazy,” she said.

Crawley saw the men and women jump out of boat and start “kissing the beach.”

She also saw that one of the women was “very pregnant” and gave her $20 to help out.

“They were so happy and their faces were just like, ‘we’re alive and we’re here,'” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”


Sheena Smith, of North Carolina, was hanging out with her family at their beachfront hotel when she saw the vessel approach shore.

“I thought it was just a fishing boat, then I see they’re rowing really hard,” she said.

Almost immediately, she saw fire rescue and law enforcement on the stretch of beach in front of their hotel.


The migrants said they had run out of food. The group was brought food and water, and the pregnant woman was taken to the hospital, Smith said.

“They said she was 6 months pregnant,” she said.

Via: Sun Sentinal

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