Go home! These freeloaders want all the goodies…The US is a global magnet for ‘refugees’ who want all the entitlements provided once they step foot on American soil. The definition of a ‘refugee’ has become pretty much anyone and everyone who wants to freeload off of a nation. The lefty no border protesters believe that borders are bad. The common sense aspect of the border argument is that a nation needs borders to maintain its sovereignty and order. Chaos begets chaos and here you have it in France:

As France continues to struggle with the devastating loss of fellow countrymen at the hands of Jihadists, disrespectful Muslim refugees have decided to turn the memorial site for those that lost their lives during the Paris attack into a makeshift camp.


Using the Place de la Republique in Paris as the location for their protest, the memorial has now been transformed into a filth ridden camp littered with garbage, dirty mattresses, blankets and signs demanding better conditions for those illegally entering the EU.

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