This is another example of a thug randomly attacking someone in broad daylight. The woman lied and said she was defending herself but it was all caught on videotape so the truth was right there. The fact that onlookers just stood there and watched because “police had been called”   is so wrong. What if this was your father or grandfather? You can see on the video below that this woman was full-on assaulting this 73-year old man. Shameful!

A woman was arrested Friday after being seen on video attacking a 73-year-old man in front of an AutoZone on Oct. 10, the Fresno Police Department said.


Shvonna Alexander, 27, of Fresno, was arrested after a small stand-off with police, and she told authorities “I was just defending myself from that old man,” police said.

On Oct. 10, Vietnam veteran Victor Bejarano, 73, was walking into the AutoZone at 4210 E. Belmont Ave. when he was accosted by Alexander, police said. She demanded Bejarano’s wallet but he refused. She followed him into the store and continued the altercation.

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She attempted on several other occasions to put Bejarano into a headlock, police said. When he left the store, Alexander followed him outside and continued to attack him. A witness told Alexander that the police had been called.

Alexander walked away from the scene and left in her vehicle.

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After the video was released, two tips to Crime Stoppers led police to Alexander at her apartment.

Via: Fresno Bee

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