Immediately after President Trump’s speech about the horrible Manchester terror attack, the left decided to twist his words. Twitter and other social media be can saying what he said was “unpresidential”. Nice try by the left but you have to hear the ENTIRE context in which he spoke! He called the terrorists “evil losers in life”: HE’S SO RIGHT! This tactic is an effort to change the narrative to make these guys “evil losers in life”.

Woopi Goldberg has the nerve to claim that President Trump was “not presidential enough” in his comments about the “evil loser in life” who slaughtered children. She goes on to claim that people complained because Obama was “too articulate” for people. This is laughable! Obama was a chameleon depending on what crowd he was talking to. He would go from arrogant to slang with the switch of who was in attendance. Would you rather have a president who speaks from the heart or someone who’s a complete phony?

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Isn’t it funny that these women are more concerned about the semantics of what we call terrorists than the horrible crime committed.

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