Who thought this was even remotely a good idea? A toy ISIS figure complete with a suicide belt and ISIS flag! Who does that? We’re hoping that the LEGO company has the ability to shut this down. These figures look exactly like a LEGO figure!

Maylasia should turn these toys away because they’re promoting terrorism to little kids. ISIS thugs are NOT “soldiers” but losers who believe their horror will win them martyrdom. The toy is manufactured in CHINA!

Malaysian Digest reported:

Mahnun Mat Isa, 40, said she was shocked to discover the tiny toy flag with the word “Allah” in Arabic affixed on a sticker and was even more puzzled to find two ‘terrorist’ figurines inside the set.

The teacher told Berita Harian that she found the offending looking figurines and flag inside the toy set bought by her youngest son from a shop in Taiping, Perak.

Holding up the toy box cover, she pointed to the pictures on the cover which shows the flag with the Arabic wording and the black-masked figurines attired in gear usually associated with militants.

The price tag still affixed to the box shows that it cost RM5.90 for the ‘Falcon Commandos’ set that appears to be a knock-off of the famous Lego bricks sets.

The code SY627-7 is imprinted on the cover and the manufacturer details on the back show that the toy is produced by a manufacturer in China, Sheng Yuan.

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