Over 1 MILLION migrants/refugees have invaded Europe this year – they are ruthless in their efforts to get to the entitlements afforded them by the bleeding heart liberals. The video below is pretty shocking.
The port of Calais has become a key destination for the thousands of migrants and refugees who are trying to enter the UK.

It has led to the evolution of the Calais migrant camp, known as The Jungle, which has become so well established that it is even now home to restaurants, barbershops, churches and mosques.
Its inhabitants have arrived from all over the world, including Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan, most claiming to have fled violence and war in their home countries.

More than 6,000 people are now believed to have made temporary homes in the make-shift camp, including orphaned children, the elderly and disabled.

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Hundreds of migrants try to storm channel tunnel on Christmas day in video footage uploaded to Facebook page Les Calaisiens en Colère:

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