Take Notes America! Germany’s Angela Merkel has just promised to dial back on immigration but it’s really too late now as you can see in this video from Vlad Tepes:

Did you know we have the same thing at our Southern border? Trash litters the areas where illegals cross:

I know the video is from 2010 but there is a website called Arizona Border Trash (can you believe it?):

Quantifying the Impact of Border Trash:

Apprehensions of individuals by the U.S. Border Patrol as a result of illegal immigration vary every year. Current U.S. Border Patrol statistics indicate that in federal fiscal year 2015, which ended on September 30, approximately 63,400 border crossers were apprehended in the Tucson Sector, which doesn’t count the many others who get through. The border crossers leave approximately six to eight pounds of trash in the desert during his or her journey. The cost of disposing of this trash is high for local communities. Landfill fees range from $37 to $49 per ton in Southern Arizona. These fees do not include costs for materials, equipment, labor and transportation for the collection and transfer of the trash to the landfill.

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