The Chinese woman who tried her best to make it into Mar-a-Lago has been denied bail because the judge believes she was up to “something nefarious”:

“It does appear to the court that Ms. Zhang was up to something nefarious when she unlawfully attempted to gain access to Mar-a-Lago”

Reuters reports that the Chinese woman charged with bluffing her way into U.S. President Donald Trump’s Florida resort last month was denied bail on Monday by a federal judge who said he believed she was “up to something nefarious.”

This 33-year-old Chinese woman was caught red-handed with a plethora of devices that were very suspicious and she lied to the feds. She’s in big trouble and will remain in detention thanks to the judge who sees through Zhang’s attempts at innocence.


Federal prosecutors charged Chinese national Yujing Zhang with making false statements to federal agents and illegally entering a restricted area. She faces up to five years in prison and a fine topping $250,000 if convicted. She slipped past five Secret Service points to eventually get into President Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago last weekend. She isn’t the first one to do this (see below) but it’s what she was carrying that has federal prosecutors questioning why she was there:

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A Chinese woman passed Secret Service areas and the Mar-a-Lago manager to illegally enter President Trump’s exclusive club in Florida last Saturday.  Federal prosecutors report that last weekend the woman entered the club carrying four cellphones, a thumb drive infected with malware and two Chinese passports.

According to a criminal complaint, the Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang, 32, told a Secret Service agent at a security checkpoint that she wanted to use the pool.

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According to Fox News, the manager of the club thought the woman was related to a member of the club, and due to the language barrier, the woman entered the club. She had everyone fooled until she told a receptionist she was at the club for an event that wasn’t scheduled. Her story changed, and luckily the employees and Secret Service caught on to her fake story:

She showed the agent two Chinese passports and tried to determine whether she was on a membership list, according to the complaint. Secret Service reportedly said she was not on the list, but a club manager thought she was related to a member of Mar-a-Lago with the same surname. She didn’t definitively say whether she was or not, and “due to a potential language barrier issue,” Zhang was able to enter Mar-a-Lago, Agent Samuel Ivanovich wrote in court documents.

Once inside, Zhang allegedly rode on a valet golf cart and eventually told a receptionist she was at the club for a United Nations Chinese American Association event to take place later that day… an event which the receptionist knew wasn’t scheduled.

Zhang told the Secret Service she was there to attend a “United Nations Friendship Event” between China and the U.S. and said she was visiting Mar-a-Lago early to take photos of the property — seemingly contradicting her earlier statement that she was there to visit the pool. She reportedly showed Ivanovich an invitation in Chinese that he could not read.


A woman is being charged with sneaking onto President Donald Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club shortly before his inauguration and smearing bananas on cars.

Palm Beach, Florida, police say in a report released Monday that 48-year-old Kelly Weidman also typed a profanity about Trump on a Mar-a-Lago computer and moved outside some ballroom balloons a few hours before Trump was sworn-in Friday.

She was confronted by security guards, who called police. She allegedly told officers she wanted to be arrested because no one was paying attention to her claim of being cyber attacked. She was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and released.

Because Trump wasn’t at the ritzy club, the Secret Service wasn’t involved.

No one answered a phone number listed for Weidman on Monday and court records didn’t list an attorney.


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