UPDATE: Robert Barnes, the white homeless man who was viciously beaten by a van full of black people (mostly women and children) is still clinging to his life in the ICU unit at a hospital in Philadelphia. His head is filled with staples and 40% of his skull has been removed. According to his Diane Barnes, his sister he was an alcoholic who was a loving brother, nephew and uncle and his family loves him. Police say there was no evidence the homeless man, Robert Barnes did anything to provoke the incident.

Unlike the Michael Brown shooting or Eric Garner case or even the most recent shooting of a black man in SC by a white cop, you won’t likely see this video on any TV “news”channels because it doesn’t fit their narrative. The Philadelphia Police Department could really use your help to identify the sub-humans who attacked this homeless man standing outside of a gas station in North Philadelphia.



The boy in the red jacket who first approached the man and hits him appears to be visibly shaken by the shocking violent acts against the homeless man by the women he is with. He appears to start crying and is then guided back to the van by one of the females who arrived in the van with the gang. One of the women actually brought the little boy back to see the beaten man following their sub-human attack on him before directing him to get back into the getaway van. …It’s an especially nice touch.

Philadelphia Police posted a video to YouTube on Friday of a vicious mob attack on a homeless man at a North Philadelphia Olney gas station that occurred on Tuesday. The man was left for dead after being attacked with a hammer, mace and a chair leg and having his head repeatedly stomped on by several attackers.

Philadelphia media reports the attack was precipitated by a dispute between the man and a ten year old boy over who could hustle customers to pay them to pump gas. The boy reportedly claimed he was hit by the man, a claim that was disproven by security camera footage. The mob attack was participated in by the boy’s mother who allegedly beat the homeless man with a chair leg in his face and head until the chair leg broke.

This description was included with the posting of the video by police:

“Published on Apr 10, 2015

“Northwest Detective Division is asking for the public’s assistance to identify and locate the suspects wanted for an aggravated assault in Olney.

“On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at 6:51 pm, 35th District Police responded to a fight on the highway located at 5538 North 5th Street. When police arrived they found the complainant, a 51 year-old male, lying on the ground bleeding from his head. Surveillance video recovered from a nearby surveillance system depicted a group of unknown males and females exiting a gray minivan with a hammer, mace, and a piece of wood assaulting the complainant repeatedly then fleeing the area. A short time later police, observed a Silver Honda Odyssey in the parking lot of Einstein Hospital with two females inside. The two females identified as Shareena Joachim and Aleathea Gillard who assaulted the complainant were taken into custody. The complainant was transported to Einstein Hospital by Medics where he was treated for head injuries and is listed in critical condition.

“If you see this suspect do not approach him, contact 911 immediately.

“To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477) or text a tip to PPD TIP or 773847.
“All tips will be confidential.

“If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact:

“Northwest Detective Division
“DC# 15-35-027260
“Det. Jefferson #9299”


The Philadelphia Inquirer described the attack:

“Footage from the station’s surveillance camera shows the group running from the minivan toward the victim, with the boy’s mother, 34-year-old Aleathea Gillard, swinging the rocking chair leg, police said. A close family friend, Shareena Joachim, 24, carried the Mace, they say.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.40.55 AM

“Joachim was the first to reach the man as he stood by the door of the station’s convenience store. She tried to spray the Mace in his eyes – but missed, hitting someone in her group instead, police said.

“As she backed off, Gillard and others moved in.

“Gillard swung the chair leg into the victim’s head and face, hitting him over and over, until the chair leg broke over his head, police said. One woman beat the victim with what police believe is a hammer. Two juveniles, police said, stomped and kicked him in the head.

“As the group pulled back, Joachim pulled the boy by his red-and-yellow jacket toward the victim, let him look, and then ushered him back into the van before it pulled away.”

The Inquirer reported the unnamed victim is in a medically induced coma.

WPVI-TV quoted a police spokesman saying the victim’s prognosis was not good.

“”The male right now is not doing that great, he’s in critical condition. We’re not sure if he’s gonna make it or not and It’s very tragic,” said Capt. Malachi Jones, Philadelphia Police.”

Via: Gateway Pundit

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