As 100 Percent Fed Up noted, French regulators on Tuesday ordered Apple to stop selling its iPhone 12 model in France due to “above-threshold radiation levels.”

The watchdog said it would send agents to Apple stores and other distributors to monitor the model wasn’t being sold in France.

Excessive Radiation Halts iPhone 12 Sales

Apple disputed the findings by the French regulators and stood behind its iPhone 12 model.

The company said the iPhone 12 model has been “certified by multiple international bodies” and upholds “standards for radiation around the world,” AP reports.

Per AP:

The U.S. tech company said it has provided the French agency with multiple lab results carried out both by the company and third-party labs proving the phone’s compliance.

Jean-Noël Barrot, France’s minister in charge of digital issues, told France Info radio that the National Frequency Agency “is in charge of controlling our phones which, as there are software updates, may emit a little more or a little less electromagnetic waves.”

He said the iPhone 12’s radiation levels are “slightly higher” than EU standards but “significantly lower than levels where scientific studies consider there may be consequences for users. But the rule is the rule.”

The agency’s tests are carried out at diagnostic lab that uses a liquid-filled mold simulating a human head and body with brain and muscle tissue. Devices transmit at maximum power for the six-minute test, the agency says on its website, acknowledging that the tests “do not reflect the most common use of a telephone.”

According to Bloomberg, Apple told support staff to remain tight-lipped about the radiation issue and not volunteer information to inquiring customers.

Bloomberg reports:

If customers inquire about the French government’s claim that the model exceeds standards for electromagnetic radiation, workers should say they don’t have anything to share, Apple employees have been told. Staff should also reject customers’ requests to return or exchange the phone unless it was purchased in the past two weeks — Apple’s normal return policy.

Customers asking if the phone is safe should be told that all Apple products go through rigorous testing to ensure that they’re safe, according to the guidance.

The French government asked Apple earlier this week to cease sales of the iPhone 12 because tests showed that the device emits electromagnetic waves that are too strong. The country’s digital minister told Apple it has two weeks to fix the issue via a software update.

In the coming days, other European countries, such as Belgium and Germany, will conduct their own assessments of the phone’s radiation levels.

Zero Hedge noted the timing of the radiation controversy for the iPhone 12 model occurred when Apple announced its iPhone 15 lineup.


Zero Hedge asked an important question:

In today’s digital age, handheld devices are brought everywhere, from the bedside to the kitchen table to the office and even to the bar. One has to wonder if radiation exposure from smartphones is supercharging certain types of cancers.

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