I keep telling you to keep your eye on the Brunson Brothers case….

Because it is NOT dead.

And it’s not over yet!

That’s not just my opinion, that comes direct from Loy Brunson himself just yesterday.

And the Supreme Court sure has been busy recently, handing down win after win to President Trump and MAGA.

Are they saving the best for last?

You have to wonder….

I’ve got a full update in the video below — and yes, this is BRAND NEW.

Watch it right here:

In fact, this exactly confirms my reporting from almost a month ago.

Did you see this?

Loy Brunson Declares 2020 Election Fight Isn’t Over: Supreme Court Case Could STILL Change Everything!

Remember Loy Brunson and the Brunson Brothers?

Of course you do.

Incredible family, incredible people.

And of course best known for their incredible cases they’ve brought to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the 2020 election, especially considering that Loy is NOT an attorney.

Just someone who has actually sat down to read the Constitution.  Imagine that!

There has been so much hope about the cases the Brunson Brothers have brought to the Supreme Court but then disappointment as they either get dismissed, sent back, or just plain ignored.

So are they dead?

I know that so many of you are wanting an update (me too!) and until now I haven’t had much to share with you.

But I just came across a brand new interview Loy Brunson did just a couple weeks ago on May 25, 2024, and it comes with an incredible message of hope and optimism!

Loy says the case is NOT dead.

He says it could be picked back up by the Supreme Court at any time, it’s entire up to them and they could do it today, tomorrow a week from now, etc.  There is nothing stopping them from picking it back up.

Perhaps….at the most ideal time possible?

Oh my, wouldn’t that make for an incredible end to this movie!

I’ll give you a bunch more information down below, but first watch this new interview:

The last update we had from Loy was back in May of 2023 and it actually comes from my interview with him.

It was such a pleasure to get to chat with him and so informative!

Much of this is still relevant, especially the letter writing campaign and I have all of those links for you down below.

Supreme Court Compromised? Why Loy Brunson Still Thinks We Can Win!

I had the true honor of speaking with Loy Brunson the other day on my show.

What a class act and a brilliant mind.

It was such a great time getting to chat with him and ask him a bunch of questions about his pending Supreme Court case.

One of those questions that I asked him was: “if the Supreme Court is compromised in some way — either bought off, blackmailed, threatened or something else — how can we ever expect them to rule in your favor?”

I thought his answer was brilliant.

So was the entire interview.

So in case you missed it, please enjoy this interview for his answer to that question plus a whole lot more.


And a backup here on Twitter (which is now safe for Free Speech):

And on Rumble here:

And as promised, here are the links you need:



Please visit either of the websites listed above to join the Letter Writing Campaign!

We are aiming for 100 million letters sent to the Supreme Court and we need your help!

We need to show them that the majority of this country supports them and wants this action taken.

So just like voting, your action here is so important and it will be added to many others!

One voice alone is not powerful, but 100 million of us banded together can change the world!

Please send your letter here!

Want more?

We’ve been covering Loy Brunson and his brothers for a long time, please check this out:

INCREDIBLE: Meet Loy Brunson, One Of The Incredible Brunson Brothers!

Have you heard a lot about the Brunson Brothers (I also call them the TRUMPet Brothers) Supreme Court case….but don’t know much about who they are?

Same here.

They kind of came onto the scene from nowhere (remember how Bo Polny keeps telling us it will happen “suddenly” and in a 24 hour period and how no one will see the plan coming? Well they certainly fit the bill!).

But the funny thing is they had some relative fame already as TRUMPet players before doing any of this work with the Supreme Court.

I’ve posted a little bit about their trumpet playing before, but now I want to introduce you to Loy Brunson, the Brunson brother who seems to be the Legal Eagle (not to take anything away from the other four).

But OH MY is he incredible!

THIS is what all of our elected officials should sound like!

Can you imagine a Congress filled with 535 people like this guy?

Our country would change overnight!

We would be the shining city on a hill…the envy of all nations!

And yet we can a fat buffoon who can’t even wear pants properly (you all know who I mean), pencil neck (you know him), bat-crazy Nancy and Chuckie Schumer.  Just to name a few.

But you have to check this guy out…

This may be one of the best videos you ever watch.

Listen as he explains how the Constitution literally solves EVERY problem we have…

Like taxes.

Many of you know this, but we didn’t have the IRS until 1862!

Our country served perfectly well — and thrived — for over 100 years without taxes!

Why didn’t we have them?

Because it turns out they are actually Unconstitutional!

Brunson explains.

It’s all right in the Constitution!

He covers a ton of other topics too, but my favorite was his finding of what he calls the “Interpretation Clause” in the 9th Amendment.

He says he was the first to discover it, and I think he’s right because I searched for “Interpretation Clause Constitution” and nothing comes up in search results.

And yet, there it is plain as day….ignored for decades and centuries!

We’re not a perfect country and the Founding Fathers were not perfect people….BUT….I do believe they were divinely inspired by God to write that document and you’ll be blown away as you listen to Loy Brunson explain more.

Watch and enjoy right here:

Backup on Rumble:

Pass it around and let’s start waking some people up!

And now if you want more on the Supreme Court case, keep reading…

TRUMPet Supreme Court Case Moving Forward! TGP Confirmed!

Several weeks ago, I was one of the ONLY websites to tell you about Brunson v. Adams, the Supreme Court Case that may upend the 2020 election steal.

In fact, I was so early that many people doubted it was real.

Our articles are ALWAYS real.

If I can’t vet the article, I don’t run it.

And this was 100% vetted by the best source possible: the Supreme Court website!

That’s kind of what it means to be a journalist….

You take in all the information and sometimes you break the story!

That’s what we did here.

So much so that one comment I read to my article said: I don’t think it’s real, I haven’t seen the Epoch Times or Gateway Pundit cover it!

Well….with all apologies to the commenter, the Epoch Times covered it shortly thereafter and The Gateway Pundit covered it today….again.

I’m still waiting for my apology from the commenter (I forget who it was, they are not memorable) but I won’t stay up all night waiting.

In all seriousness, the story is VERY real and very exciting!

From my friends at The Gateway Pundit, here is Tim Canova:

While there has been much public attention on the U.S. Supreme Court’s present consideration of the “independent state legislature” theory in Moore v. Harper involving North Carolina’s redistricting, that case would not immediately upend the 2020 Presidential Election. In contrast, a little-known case that appeared recently on the Court docket could do just that. The case of Brunson v. Adams, not even reported in the mainstream media, was filed pro se by ordinary American citizens – four brothers from Utah — seeking the removal of President Biden and Vice President Harris, along with 291 U.S. Representatives and 94 U.S. Senators who voted to certify the Electors to the Electoral College on January 6, 2021 without first investigating serious allegations of election fraud in half a dozen states and foreign election interference and breach of national security in the 2020 Presidential Election. The outcome of such relief would presumably be to restore Donald Trump to the presidency.

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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