A mass shooting has taken place in El Paso, Texas at a Walmart store at the Cielo Vista Mall. The situation is still active and law enforcement are asking people to stay away from the mall.

Details have not yet been released about the shooter or shooters, or about the condition of the 18 people who have been shot.

POLICE WARN: The scene is still considered active.

UPDATE: ABC News is reporting that according to the El Paso Police Deparment, there are multiple reports of multiple shooters involved in the shooting attack at the El Paso, TX Walmart.

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KTSM has confirmed that 18 people were shot inside the Walmart. The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time.

El Paso Police and multiple other law enforcement agencies are responding to a shooting at the Walmart an active shooter situation.

While official reports are still saying 18 people have been shot, “gabs” posted a texxt message from someone who she claims sent it to her from inside the Cielo Vista mall. The message says, “I’m nervous,” and that he’s “in the Apple Store.” The message also says there are “Multiple shootings,” and “40 fatalities so far.”

This information, of course, is unconfirmed, we are only passing it along for our readers to view.

This video shows law enforcement covering the parking lot area outside the mall.


Janet Mrtnz tweeted a video from the inside of the El Paso, TX Walmart.

***WARNING***Video is very graphic!


This heartbreaking video shows a mom and her kids trying to get out of Walmart to safety.

This video shows law enforcement officers trying to get customers safely out of the Walmart store during the active shooter situation.

KTSM has LIVE coverage of the crime:


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