The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Wednesday approved the Biden administration’s plan to give the federal government full control of the internet under the guise of preventing “digital discrimination.”

The agency issued a press release confirming it will implement the “first bipartisan broadband access anti-discrimination law.”

“The Federal Communications Commission has adopted final rules to prevent digital discrimination of access to broadband services based on income level, race, ethnicity, color, religion, or national origin. Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the FCC is required to adopt rules to ensure that all Americans have equal access to reliable, high-speed broadband services without discrimination based on the characteristics listed in the statute,” the agency stated.

“The new rules establish a framework to facilitate equal access to broadband internet services by preventing digital discrimination of access. Under these rules, the FCC can protect consumers by directly addressing companies’ policies and practices if they differentially impact consumers’ access to broadband internet access service or are intended to do so, and by applying these protections to ensure communities see equitable broadband deployment, network upgrades, and maintenance,” the agency continued.

“Under the new rules, the Commission can investigate possible instances of discrimination of broadband access, work with companies to solve problems, facilitate mediation, and, when necessary, penalize companies for violating the rules. The FCC will review consumer complaints of digital discrimination of access through an improved consumer complaint portal and staff will meet monthly to assess trends in complaint patterns. Finally, the Commission adopted model policies and best practices that will support states, local and Tribal governments in their efforts to combat digital discrimination,” the press released added.

“As feared, the FCC has authorized Biden’s Woke Takeover of the Internet,” Kyle Becker writes.

“This is how Woke politics — rooted in Critical Race Theory — is driving a complete takeover of all aspects of American life. ‘Equity’ and identity politics are being used to subvert the nation’s institutions. The first step to a globalist shadow cabal taking over this country is take over and control our information. Today, we saw the Biden regime take a bold step towards that corrupt end. Alarming,” he added.

Read the full press release:

The Blaze reports:

When regimes capture power, it’s often not in the dramatic fashion of the storming of the Bastille. Instead, it’s a bureaucratic takeover, hidden in jargon and filled with clichés, for the greater good. The Federal Communications Commission is poised to vote today on a sweeping set of new rules called the “Preventing Digital Discrimination Order.”

The 200-page report recommends implementing an exhaustive array of new restrictions that will alter the internet forever. It springs from section 60506 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 2021. This legislation was meant to infuse some federal dollars into America’s sagging internet infrastructure. Unfortunately, this vote will grant the FCC the power to control nearly every aspect of internet infrastructure in the name of our secular gods of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The TL;DR of the obtuse rules is the ability to censor, control, and regulate internet service providers based on vague laws around equity. Most disturbing is that it doesn’t have to be “discrimination” as it’s generally understood but rather “disparate outcomes,” meaning all internet infrastructure must produce perfect equity or face the wrath of the United States government.

The agency’s unelected officials will convene to deliberate on regulations to integrate the latest progressive ideals regarding race and identity into the internet landscape. It’s expected to pass 3-2. It will stifle innovation and impede internet access opportunities, all in pursuit of achieving equity.

If approved, this would mark the first time the FCC would gain the authority to oversee various aspects of every ISP’s service termination policies, including customer credit usage, account history, credit checks, and account termination, among other related matters.

Glenn Beck previously discussed the unprecedented federal government power grab:


FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr voiced his opposition to the plan before Wednesday’s vote, saying the plan “reads like a planning document drawn up in the faculty lounge of a university’s Soviet Studies Department.”

“Next week, the FCC will vote on President Biden’s plan to give the Administrative State effective control of all Internet services and infrastructure. I oppose President Biden’s sweeping, unprecedented, and unlawful plan,” Carr said last week.

“President Biden has called on the FCC to issue a sweeping set of new regulations in the name of ‘digital equity.’ For the first time ever, those rules would empower the Administrative State to micromanage nearly every aspect of how the Internet functions. I’m a no,” he said.

The Highwire added:

Carr further discusses the other industries the FCC could regulate under this plan. This plan would open the door to regulating landlords, construction crews, marketing agencies, banks, and even the government. Regarding Internet access, all of these industries can and would be regulated by the FCC.

Carr’s letter states all businesses in these industries can be “regulated by the FCC and liable for any act or omission that the agency determines has an impermissible impact on the consumer’s access to broadband. Congress never authorized the FCC to regulate these industries or entities.”

Governments throughout history have been known to abuse power, which was the basis of the three branches of government enshrined in the Constitution. These branches provide checks and balances. It is well-known how slow the court systems can work to check executive power. The Biden administration’s FCC is asking to have access to regulate all aspects of business for private ISPs in addition to landlords, banks, construction crews, and marketing agencies. The authors of this plan tried to leave as much leeway for any potential ‘need’ to regulate any industry now or in the future. As technology advances, they want to be sure they have regulatory control to ensure private companies are not discriminating against any group of people by not providing equal access to services.

Carr’s letter stated, “Even in the absence of any evidence of intentional discrimination, the Biden plan states the FCC can impose potentially unbounded liability if the agency finds that some act or even failure to act happened to result in a disparate impact based on the FCC’s own judgment. Reading this theory of liability into the law conflicts with the Supreme Court’s civil rights precedent. The FCC should not adopt it.”

Biden’s Administration is asking for complete regulatory power to ensure no discrimination, even though there have been no concerns or proof that discriminatory practices are taking place. The FCC would have the sole power to determine whether an act or lack of action is discriminatory. Without a lengthy judicial process, this action and power grab could not be checked.

Read Carr’s full letter criticizing the plan:

Read the FCC order to implement the Biden administration’s plan HERE.

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