Michael Hayden, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), called for the death of Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

“Should Tommy Tuberville be removed from his committee? Yes or No?” X user Nathalie Jacoby asked.

“How about the human race?” Hayden commented.

“Former CIA Director Michael Hayden calls for the assassination of Sen. Tuberville because the senator is performing desperately needed oversight of the U.S. Military. Hayden, a renowned civil liberties violator, promoted the Biden laptop coverup and the Russia collusion scam,” Mollie Hemingway, editor in chief of the Federalist, commented.

Hayden doubled down on his comments.

“I was surprised to wake up this morning and discover that many MAGAnuts had lost their minds over my suggestion that ‘Coach’ Tuberville not be considered a member of the human race. I stand by that view. I’m wishing you all a nice day even the intransigent Tommy Tuberville,” he said.


Senator Tommy Tuberville reported Michael Hayden to Capitol Police for his death threat that he should be ‘removed from the human race.’

“This morning my office was made aware of a statement made by General Michael Hayden calling for a politically motivated assassination. This statement is disgusting and it is repugnant to everything we believe in as Americans. Given General Hayden’s long career in Washington, he must have known that, by making such a statement, he was committing a serious crime. His own efforts today to reinterpret what he said are only a tacit admission of guilt. If we still have a nonpolitical justice system in this country, then General Hayden will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Tuberville stated.

“My office has reported this incident to the Capitol Police and I expect that they will once again do an excellent job protecting members of Congress and bringing criminals to justice.”


Infowars noted:

Hayden, who headed up the NSA and CIA under George W. Bush and Obama, previously declared that the Fourth Amendment “changed” on September 11, 2001, and went on to oversee mass surveillance of Americans at the NSA while the invasion of Afghanistan was implemented.

He also previously referred to Trump supporters as “our Taliban” and suggested sending unvaccinated conservatives to Afghanistan to die.

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