There is an update to this crazy story below, but here’s the background into the removal of a gorilla statue from a local park:

This report below is a perfect example of just how embarrassing political correctness has become. When 45 people complain that a statue of a gorilla is ‘racist’, you know you’ve hit the wall and gone into the crazy zone. Who in their right mind would even remotely think of something like this?

Metro reports:

A playground statue of a gorilla was removed after complaints that it was racist. The caged ‘animal’, nicknamed Dobby, was pulled from the circus-themed Community Park in Corsicana, Tx., earlier this month after 45 complaints that the fiberglass creature was offensive.

‘We can understand this, because we have an obligation to listen to all our citizens, to determine what is offensive and not, especially in public places. ‘It’s a black gorilla in a cage, and I think that’s what I gleaned from all those comments.’ Denbow added that Dobby was caged over safety fears because of his status as a freestanding statue.


After a candlelight vigil (above) and a single protester refused to vacate the gorilla cage (below), the community has decided to replace the gorilla as soon as the weather gets better.


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