A MUSLIM JIHADIST  fought and risked being killed to try and gain entrance to the Louvre with a satchel full of PAINT BOMBS!

Think about the damage to the treasures of Western civilization he could have done had he succeeded. And more importantly, lets consider the actual agenda of an agent that would be willing to risk his life to destroy the great works of art of our Western heritage.

This was an attack on our culture on a scale we have not seen yet, had it been successful. The great works of art at the Louvre might have become mere legends. As it is, the focus on teaching things like art and music is diminishing rapidly with increased Islamic populations, as typically they will not allow their children to learn it.

So this would be in keeping not only with the Islamic prohibition on representational art, but on the Islamic notion of ‘jehillia’, or erasing the “time of ignorance” (the period of all history before the time of Mohammad). The Saudis do it when archeologists discover an artifact from before the time of Islam. They will not allow it to be uncovered or seen, and often destroy it if it relates to another religion. In Gaza, Muslims are working every day to dig up any Jewish artifact and destroy it on conveyor belts with smashing machines…

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 The terrorist who attacked a French soldier outside the Louvre Museum is a new arrival from Egypt. The 29-year-old Egyptian had arrived in Paris on January 26 after acquiring a one-month tourist visa in Dubai. PARIS has been a target for jihadists so the city had soldiers guarding the entrance to the Louvre…thank goodness. 

This is what Paris has become…a city on constant alert for terror attacks:

IF YOU’VE EVER DREAMED OF GOING TO PARIS…You Should Have Gone Before THIS Happened [Video]

Notice how they have to have soldiers guarding the city. They’ve been invaded with Muslims from the Middle East and Africa.

WATCH CHAOS IN PARIS As Refugees Riot Using Metal Poles Against Police [Video]

This could be America if we do what France and Germany have done. Think about it… 

A French soldier shot and seriously wounded a man in a shopping mall beneath the Louvre Museum on Friday after he tried to attack them and shouted “Allahu akbar,” officials said.

The man was carrying two backpacks, and he had two machetes, and when soldiers and police officers on patrol told the man that he could not come in with his bags, he attacked, said Yves Lefebvre, a police union official.

“That’s when he got the knife out and that’s when he tried to stab the soldier,” he said.

A soldier opened fire and the man was struck five times, once in the stomach, Paris police chief Michel Cadot said. The backpacks didn’t contain any explosives, he said. One of the soldiers was slightly wounded on the scalp.

The French interior ministry said that anti-terrorism prosecutors are investigating the Louvre attack, but that there were still no details about the identity of the attacker. “Allahu akbar” is the Arabic phrase for “God is great.”

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said that a second person also was arrested but it is unclear whether they were linked to the attack. Brandet said about 1,000 people were inside the actual museum and were held inside in safe areas.

The French capital has seen a spate of attacks, some claimed by the Islamic State group, since 2015. Friday’s incident created panic.

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