Yesterday, Justin Timberlake was arrested for suspected DUI.

There were also reports of certain drugs found in his system reported on Twitter but we did NOT report on those because we could not independently verify they were true.

Developing: New York Cops ARREST Justin Timberlake

But we can verify a couple new updates.

First is his mugshot being released:

Does he look high or stoned or drunk to you?

The other thing, which I'm sure is just a strange coincidence in timing, is the release of his newest music video....which is being described by many as his most "demonic" and most "satanic" and most "disturbing" music video he has ever released.

So sad to see.

Take a look:

Shadow of Ezra reports:

Justin Timberlake was arrested today for driving while intoxicated in Long Island, New York.

Timberlake has released one of the darkest satanic music videos ever. In the video, he enters a church, which then leads to a secret party where he meets his alter ego and starts dancing with the devil.

Britney Spears once accused him of pressuring her to have an abortion.

Timberlake was also supposed to play the role of a meth-addicted pedophile on the TV show 'Glee.'

Full video player here:

It's got everything....

The trademark black goo coming out of the mouth....

The inverted crosses....

The demonic white eyes....

Set in a church....

The blasphemous lyrics....

Checks all the satanic boxes!

More here:

Watch the full video here if you want:

And from yesterday, here is the report on his arrest:

Developing: New York Cops ARREST Justin Timberlake

Perhaps no boy band member has achieved the level of solo success that Justin Timberlake has enjoyed over the past couple of decades, but all of that fame hasn't come without consequences.

He has faced accusations of behaving inappropriately with women including Britney Spears during their relationship and Janet Jackson in a now-infamous Super Bowl halftime show.

This week, the latest news about the NSYNC superstar involved his arrest.

According to TMZ:

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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